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Sermon series - The life of Moses

Date Title Speaker Text(s) Listen Download
31/01/2021 Hearing God when all seems silent Paul Oliver Exodus 1 save_alt
07/02/2021 The birth of Moses - a fine child Paul Oliver Exodus 2:1-10 save_alt
21/02/2021 Moses flees to Midian Paul Oliver Exodus 2:11-25 save_alt
28/02/2021 The burning bush Paul Oliver Exodus 3:1-6 save_alt
07/03/2021 Who am I? Paul Oliver Exodus 3:7-22 save_alt
14/03/2021 God sends Moses to Egypt Paul Oliver Exodus 4 save_alt
21/03/2021 Why did you ever send me? Paul Oliver Exodus 5:22-6:1 save_alt
28/03/2021 Remembering God's covenant Paul Oliver Exodus 6:2-9 save_alt
18/04/2021 Continuing in faith Paul Oliver Exodus 6:10-7:7 save_alt
25/04/2021 For this purpose Paul Oliver Exodus 7:8-10:29 save_alt
02/05/2021 Do not harden your heart Paul Oliver Exodus 7-10 save_alt
09/05/2021 A darkness to be felt Paul Oliver Exodus 10:21-29 save_alt
30/05/2021 The Passover Paul Oliver Exodus 11:1-12:13 save_alt
06/06/2021 A statute for you and for your sons forever Paul Oliver Exodus 12:14-51 save_alt
13/06/2021 Lest the people change their minds Paul Oliver Exodus 13:17-14:4 save_alt
20/06/2021 Crossing the Red Sea Paul Oliver Exodus 14:5-31 save_alt
04/07/2021 Moses' song Paul Oliver Exodus 15:1-21 save_alt
11/07/2021 Bitter water made sweet Paul Oliver Exodus 15:22-27 save_alt
18/07/2021 Trusting God's provision Paul Oliver Exodus 16 save_alt
15/08/2021 Water from the rock Paul Oliver Exodus 17:1-7 save_alt
22/08/2021 A hand on the throne of the Lord Paul Oliver Exodus 17:8-16 save_alt
29/08/2021 Jethro rejoices Paul Oliver Exodus 18 save_alt
05/09/2021 Israel at Mount Sinai Paul Oliver Exodus 19 save_alt
12/09/2021 Grace in the Law Adam Hawley Exodus 20 save_alt
14/11/2021 They saw the God of Israel Paul Oliver Exodus 24 save_alt
21/11/2021 The ark and the mercy seat Paul Oliver Exodus 25 save_alt
28/11/2021 The Tabernacle Paul Oliver Exodus 26 save_alt
12/12/2021 The golden calf Paul Oliver Exodus 32 save_alt
02/01/2022 Is the LORD remote or in the midst? Paul Oliver Exodus 33 save_alt
09/01/2022 The covenant renewed Paul Oliver Exodus 34:10-35 save_alt
30/01/2022 Moses was not able to enter Paul Oiver Exodus 40 save_alt
20/02/2022 The ascending offering Paul Oliver Leviticus 1 save_alt
27/02/2022 Aaron's offering Paul Oliver Leviticus 9 save_alt
06/03/2022 Acceptable worship Paul Oliver Leviticus 10 save_alt
13/03/2022 The day of atonement Paul Oliver Leviticus 16 save_alt
03/04/2022 Be holy, for I am holy Paul Oliver Leviticus 17-27 save_alt
10/04/2022 The seven feasts Paul Oliver Leviticus 23 save_alt
24/04/2022 The year of Jubilee Paul Oliver Leviticus 25-26 save_alt
15/05/2022 The first census Paul Oliver Numbers 1-6 save_alt
22/05/2022 Aaron's blessing Paul Oliver Numbers 6:22-27 save_alt