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Sermon series - The life of Simon Peter

Date Title Speaker Text(s) Listen Download
26/04/2020 Jesus calls Simon Adam Hawley Luke 5:1-11 save_alt
03/05/2020 Confronted with the Christ Trevor Steward Mark 1:16-2:12 save_alt
10/05/2020 Faith rewarded Adam Hawley Mark 5:21-43 save_alt
17/05/2020 Faith tried and tested Trevor Steward Matthew 14:13-33 save_alt
24/05/2020 Confession Adam Hawley Matthew 16:13-20 save_alt
31/05/2020 From confession to crisis Trevor Steward Mark 8:22-38 save_alt
07/06/2020 Eternal perspectives Adam Hawley Mark 9:2-13 save_alt
14/06/2020 Questioning Jesus Trevor Steward Matthew 17-19 save_alt
21/06/2020 Leafy religion Adam Hawley Mark 11:12-25 save_alt
28/06/2020 Unexpected falls Trevor Steward Luke 22:31-62 save_alt
05/07/2020 A new future Adam Hawley John 20:1-10 save_alt
12/07/2020 An un-earned breakfast Adam Hawley John 21:1-14 save_alt
19/07/2020 Love, love, love Trevor Steward John 21 save_alt
26/07/2020 Preacher Peter Trevor Steward Acts 2 save_alt
02/08/2020 What I do have I give to you Adam Hawley Acts 3:1-4:4 save_alt
09/08/2020 Jesus has removed the walls Adam Hawley Acts 10 save_alt
16/08/2020 Lessons from a prison break Trevor Steward Acts 12:1-19 save_alt