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Sermon series - Behold your God

Date Title Speaker Text(s) Listen Download
26/02/2017 Introduction to Isaiah Paul Oliver Isaiah save_alt
05/03/2017 Life in 8th century BC Judah Paul Oliver Isaiah 1 save_alt
12/03/2017 Judah and Jerusalem Paul Oliver Isaiah 2-4 save_alt
19/03/2017 What more could have been done for my vineyard? Paul Oliver Isaiah 5 save_alt
26/03/2017 Isaiah's commission Paul Oliver Isaiah 6 save_alt
09/04/2017 Darkness to light Paul Oliver Isaiah 7:1-9:7 save_alt
16/04/2017 God's anger Paul Oliver Isaiah 9:1-10:34 save_alt
23/04/2017 The branch from Jesse Dave Strivens Isaiah 11 save_alt
30/04/2017 Though you were angry with me... Paul Oliver Isaiah 12:1 save_alt
14/05/2017 Oracle overview Paul Oliver Isaiah 13-25 save_alt
21/05/2017 Babylon then and now Dan Owens Isaiah 13-14
28/05/2017 The striking and healing God Paul Oliver Isaiah 19-20 save_alt
11/06/2017 Losing sight of God John Singleton Isaiah 22 save_alt
18/06/2017 Tyre and Sidon Paul Oliver Isaiah 23 save_alt
25/06/2017 A Tale of Two Cities Paul Oliver Isaiah 24 save_alt
09/07/2017 A safe city Paul Oliver Isaiah 25 save_alt
16/07/2017 A strong city Paul Oliver Isaiah 26 save_alt
24/09/2017 On what do you rest this trust? Paul Oliver Isaiah 28-39 save_alt
01/10/2017 The cornerstone Paul Oliver Isaiah 28 save_alt
08/10/2017 Religion or relationship? Paul Oliver Isaiah 29 save_alt
15/10/2017 God who waits to be gracious Paul Oliver Isaiah 30 save_alt
22/10/2017 "Turn to Him, o children of Israel!" Dan Strivens Isaiah 31-32 save_alt
05/11/2017 Now I will arise Paul Oliver Isaiah 33 save_alt
12/11/2017 Christ's kingdom coming John Singleton Isaiah 34-35 save_alt
19/11/2017 Hezekiah's darkest hour Paul Oliver Isaiah 36-37 save_alt
03/12/2017 "A lesson in faith, a lesson in failure" Dan Owens Isaiah 38-39 save_alt
07/01/2018 Comfort for God's people Paul Oliver Isaiah 40 save_alt
21/01/2018 I will uphold you with my righteous right hand Paul Oliver Isaiah 41 save_alt
28/01/2018 The Lord's chosen servant Paul Oliver Isaiah 42 save_alt
11/02/2018 God's faithfulness and our unfaithfulness Paul Oliver Isaiah 42:18-43:21 save_alt
25/02/2018 Is there a God besides the Lord? Dan Owens Isaiah 43:22-44:23 save_alt
04/03/2018 God's global sovereignty Dan Owens Isaiah 44:24-45:25 save_alt
11/03/2018 Why are idols attractive? Adam Hawley Isaiah 46-47 save_alt
18/03/2018 For God's glory Dan Strivens Isaiah 48 save_alt
25/03/2018 The Lord's Servant shall restore Israel Adam Hawley Isaiah 49:1-13 save_alt
15/04/2018 Engraved on the palms of his hands Paul Oliver Isaiah 49:14-26 save_alt
22/04/2018 Exodus the sequel Paul Oliver Isaiah 50 save_alt
29/04/2018 God's words of comfort Paul Oliver Isaiah 51:1-16 save_alt
06/05/2018 "Awake, awake! Depart, depart!" Paul Oliver Isaiah 51:17-52:12 save_alt
13/05/2018 For our transgressions Paul Oliver Isaiah 52:13-53:12 save_alt
20/05/2018 Sing! God's command to us after Isaiah 53 Paul Oliver Isaiah 54 save_alt
27/05/2018 It's all free! Come and receive! Paul Oliver Isaiah 55 save_alt
24/06/2018 Isaiah and the Ethiopian eunuch Paul Oliver Isaiah 56-57
01/07/2018 Fasts and feasts - what does God really want? Paul Oliver Isaiah 58
08/07/2018 God gets to work Paul Oliver Isaiah 59
15/07/2018 Your light has come Trevor Steward Isaiah 60
29/07/2018 2018: The best time to be alive Dan Owens Isaiah 61
12/08/2018 The greatest wedding in history Paul Oliver Isaiah 62 save_alt
19/08/2018 See the man of sorrows now! Paul Oliver Isaiah 63:1-6 save_alt
26/08/2018 The prayer of the remembrancer Paul Oliver Isaiah 63:7-64:12 save_alt
02/09/2018 The wolf and the lamb shall graze together - Eden... Paul Oliver Isaiah 65 save_alt
09/09/2018 Hear the Word of the Lord Paul Oliver Isaiah 66 save_alt