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Sermon series - NCF 2016

Date Title Speaker Text(s) Listen Download
17/01/2016 Like a well-watered garden Alex Donnelly Isaiah 58:11 save_alt
17/01/2016 Spiritual maturity Alex Donnelly Ruth 1-2 save_alt
24/01/2016 Into God's Love Paul Oliver 2 Thessalonians 3:5 save_alt
21/02/2016 Repentance Chris Bennett Psalm 51 save_alt
21/02/2016 The inner shrug Chris Bennett Acts 12 save_alt
06/03/2016 He has given us understanding John Singleton 1 John 5:20-21 save_alt
20/03/2016 God's greater peace Paul Oliver Luke 19:41-44 save_alt
27/03/2016 The Resurrection Paul Oliver Luke 24:1-12 save_alt
03/04/2016 True Repentance Alex Clayton Joel 2:1-17 save_alt
03/04/2016 Living for Jesus here and now Dan Owens John 17 save_alt
10/04/2016 Let not your hearts be troubled Paul Oliver John 14:27 save_alt
10/04/2016 Let not your hearts be troubled Paul Oliver John 14:27 save_alt
08/05/2016 The resurrection in evangelism Robert Strivens Luke 24:36-53 save_alt
08/05/2016 Spiritual complacency Robert Strivens Isaiah 32:9-20 save_alt
29/05/2016 Grace John Singleton Matthew 20:1-16 save_alt
05/06/2016 Faith and doubt Pete Killingley Mark 9:14-29 save_alt
05/06/2016 Two rules to live by Pete Killingley Esther 1 save_alt
19/06/2016 Give back to God what is God's Paul Oliver Mark 12:13-17 save_alt
26/06/2016 Three realities Daryl Jones Psalm 2 save_alt
26/06/2016 Unless the Lord builds the house... Daryl Jones Psalm 127 save_alt
03/07/2016 The Servant King Paul Oliver Isaiah 49:1-13 save_alt
10/07/2016 I will never forsake you Paul Oliver Isaiah 49:14-26 save_alt
10/07/2016 What prevents me from being baptised? Paul Oliver Acts 8:26-40 save_alt
17/07/2016 The most offensive prayer ever! Dan Dwelly Luke 11:1-4 save_alt
17/07/2016 The boldest prayer ever! Dan Dwelly Luke 11:5-13 save_alt
24/07/2016 Worship Trevor Steward Romans 1 save_alt
31/07/2016 The Passover Dave Strivens Exodus 12:29-51 save_alt
07/08/2016 What does God want from you? Paul Oliver John 20:30-31 save_alt
28/08/2016 Paul's thanksgiving & prayer Paul Oliver Ephesians 1:15-23 save_alt
04/09/2016 The year of the Lord's favour Paul Oliver Isaiah 61:1-2 save_alt
11/09/2016 A Christ Centered Life Dan Strivens Philippians 2:12-13 save_alt
25/09/2016 My heart's desire: That they may be saved Paul Oliver Romans 10:1-4 save_alt
02/10/2016 Thankfulness Paul Oliver Psalm 107 save_alt
23/10/2016 Reprogrammed Minds John Singleton Romans 12:1-2 save_alt
23/10/2016 Christian happiness Brian Williams Psalm 34 save_alt
13/11/2016 God is our refuge and strength Paul Oliver Psalm 46 save_alt
20/11/2016 When the Lord saw that Leah was hated Paul Oliver Genesis 29:31-35 save_alt
27/11/2016 The God of Jonah Trevor Steward Jonah 3:2 save_alt
27/11/2016 What do you base your life upon? Stephen Pethick Genesis 1:1-2:3 save_alt
04/12/2016 Light has shone in the darkness Paul Oliver John 1:1-5 save_alt
11/12/2016 But to all who did receive Him... Paul Oliver John 1:6-13 save_alt
18/12/2016 The Word became flesh Paul Oliver John 1:14-18 save_alt