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Sermon series - God of the Judges

Date Title Speaker Text(s) Listen Download
04/10/2015 Introduction to Judges Paul Oliver Judges save_alt
11/10/2015 Half-hearted Discipleship Paul Oliver Judges 1:1-36 save_alt
18/10/2015 Can't or Won't? Paul Oliver Judges 2:1-5 save_alt
25/10/2015 The Results of Half-hearted Discipleship Trevor Steward Judges 2:6-3:6 save_alt
01/11/2015 Idolatry Dan Owens Judges 2:16-19 save_alt
08/11/2015 Othniel and King Double-Evil Paul Oliver Judges 3:7-11 save_alt
15/11/2015 The Sinister Saviour Paul Oliver Judges 3:12-30 save_alt
22/11/2015 Deborah and Barak Dave Strivens Judges 4 save_alt
29/11/2015 "March on, my soul, with might!" Paul Oliver Judges 5 save_alt
06/12/2015 Midian oppresses Israel John Singleton Judges 6:1-11 save_alt
13/12/2015 Gideon Paul Oliver Judges 6:11-40 save_alt
27/12/2015 A victory by trumpet Colin Rookes Judges 7 save_alt
03/01/2016 God defeats Midian Paul Oliver Judges 7:10-15 save_alt
10/01/2016 Gideon defeat Midian? Dan Strivens Judges 8:1-32 save_alt
24/01/2016 Is God absent? Paul Oliver Judges 8:29-10:5 save_alt
31/01/2016 When one thing becomes another Trevor Steward Judges 10:6-12:7 save_alt
07/02/2016 Jephtha and his daughter Paul Oliver Judges 11:1-12:7 save_alt
14/02/2016 Samson: The people in darkness have seen a great... Dan Owens Judges 12:8-13:25 save_alt
28/02/2016 Samson's birth foretold Paul Oliver Judges 13:15-25 save_alt
06/03/2016 Samson's marriage Paul Oliver Judges 14 save_alt
13/03/2016 They did not know it was from the Lord Paul Oliver Judges 14:4 save_alt
20/03/2016 Samson's strength & weakness Dave Strivens Judges 16 save_alt
27/03/2016 The death of Samson Paul Oliver Judges 16:23-31 save_alt
17/04/2016 The centre cannot hold Paul Oliver Judges 17 save_alt
24/04/2016 Danites take the Levite and the idol Paul Oliver Judges 18 save_alt
01/05/2016 Gibeah's crime Paul Oliver Judges 19 save_alt
15/05/2016 To protect the good name Paul Oliver Judges 20-21 save_alt