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Sermon series - NCF 2014

Date Title Speaker Text(s) Listen Download
05/01/2014 Gideon's God Paul Oliver Judges 6 save_alt
12/01/2014 Yet For Your Sake Paul Oliver Psalm 44 save_alt
19/01/2014 Christ's Prayer For His Church Paul Oliver John 17:20-26 save_alt
26/01/2014 Prayer I John Scott Luke 11:1-13 save_alt
26/01/2014 Prayer II John Scott Luke 18:1-8 save_alt
02/02/2014 Two Invitations Paul Oliver Proverbs 9 save_alt
09/02/2014 Epilogue to week of prayer Paul Oliver 2 Thessalonians 3:1 save_alt
16/02/2014 My help is in the Lord Paul Oliver Psalm 121 save_alt
23/02/2014 God uses weakness Chris Bennett Judges 7:1-8:3 save_alt
23/02/2014 Hunger to know God more Chris Bennett John 14:15-31 save_alt
02/03/2014 Jesus the Great High Priest Dan Strivens Hebrews 4:14-16 save_alt
09/03/2014 Enlarge the place of your tent Igor Bandura Isaiah 54 save_alt
23/03/2014 Stand firm Paul Oliver Philippians 4 save_alt
30/03/2014 Follow Me Paul Oliver John 21:19 save_alt
06/04/2014 Busy sowing John Singleton Galatians 6:7-8 save_alt
13/04/2014 The Bread of Life Paul Oliver John 6:25-59 save_alt
20/04/2014 They still did not understand Paul Oliver John 20:9 save_alt
20/04/2014 The Death of Jesus Paul Oliver John 19:31-37 save_alt
27/04/2014 I want to see Ian Parry Luke 18:41 save_alt
27/04/2014 Benediction Ian Parry Hebrews 13:20-21 save_alt
04/05/2014 That your love may abound Paul Oliver Philippians 1:8-11 save_alt
25/05/2014 Martha Paul Oliver Luke 10:38-42 save_alt
25/05/2014 Reasons for writing Paul Oliver 1 John 2:12-14 save_alt
22/06/2014 A Stronger Man Paul Oliver Luke 11:21-22 save_alt
29/06/2014 The only way to worship God Jim Sayers John 4:19-26 save_alt
29/06/2014 The privileges of mission Jim Sayers John 4:27-42 save_alt
13/07/2014 The Royal Wedding Daniel Blanche Psalm 45 save_alt
13/07/2014 The Broken Marriage Daniel Blanche Hosea 2 save_alt
20/07/2014 Glory I Trevor Steward John 17:1-5 save_alt
20/07/2014 Why Does God Save Us By Faith? Steve Wickes Romans 4 save_alt
27/07/2014 Glory II Trevor Steward Romans 8:18-39 save_alt
27/07/2014 Christian Duty John Singleton Luke 17:1-10 save_alt
03/08/2014 How should I respond to Jesus Christ? Steve Palmer Isaiah 50:4-11 save_alt
03/08/2014 When the Church Seems Weak Steve Palmer Daniel 2 save_alt
10/08/2014 Unity Paul Oliver 1 Corinthians 1:10-13 save_alt
10/08/2014 Education for exaltation Dan Owens Psalm 100 save_alt
17/08/2014 By faith Paul Oliver Hebrews 11:7 save_alt
17/08/2014 They devoted themselves... Dan Owens Acts 2:42 save_alt
24/08/2014 By faith Rahab... Paul Oliver Joshua 2:9-11 save_alt
24/08/2014 Hidden Treasure Phil Royle Matthew 13:44-46 save_alt
31/08/2014 Jesus appears to Thomas Paul Oliver John 20:24-31 save_alt
31/08/2014 Does God love me? James Musson 1 John 4:7-21 save_alt
07/09/2014 His Sheep Basil Howlett John 10 save_alt
07/09/2014 Salvation Belongs To The Lord Basil Howlett Jonah 2 save_alt
14/09/2014 I Thirst Paul Oliver John 19:28-30 save_alt
28/09/2014 Great Things Jamie Cater Matthew 1:18-25 save_alt
28/09/2014 Questioning God Jamie Cater Psalm 39 save_alt
05/10/2014 Ask the Lord of the Harvest Paul Oliver Matthew 9:35-38 save_alt
12/10/2014 The Lord's Supper John Singleton 1 Corinthians 11:17-34 save_alt
26/10/2014 One In Christ Trevor Steward John 17:20-26 save_alt
26/10/2014 Jesus: Our Great High Priest Tim Gamston Hebrews 7:11-8:2 save_alt
02/11/2014 Misery to missionary Paul Oliver Mark 5:1-20 save_alt
09/11/2014 Peace Paul Oliver John 14:25-31 save_alt
16/11/2014 The pearl of greatest value Gerard Hemmings Matthew 13:44-46 save_alt
16/11/2014 God's plan is right on course Gerard Hemmings Genesis 40 save_alt
30/11/2014 Fishers of men Dan Dwelly Luke 5:1-11 save_alt
30/11/2014 Kingdom priorities Dan Dwelly Luke 12:13-34 save_alt
07/12/2014 No discretion Paul Oliver Proverbs 11:22 save_alt
14/12/2014 The Narrow Gate Dave Strivens Luke 13:22-30 save_alt
21/12/2014 Family Christmas Service Paul Oliver Micah 5:2-5a save_alt
21/12/2014 Evening Carol Service Paul Oliver Isaiah 9:1-6 save_alt
28/12/2014 A Message of Hope Trevor Steward Jeremiah 29:1-17 save_alt
28/12/2014 "See, here is water" Paul Oliver Acts 8:36 save_alt