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Sermon series - NCF 2012

Date Title Speaker Text(s) Listen Download
01/01/2012 The Parable Of The Talents George Hawkins Matthew 25:14-30 save_alt
08/01/2012 Rescue Basil Howlett Psalm 40 save_alt
08/01/2012 Paul's Prayer Basil Howlett Ephesians 3:14-21 save_alt
15/01/2012 The Good Samaritan Paul Oliver Luke 10:25-37 save_alt
15/01/2012 Marriage and the Glory of God Paul Oliver 1 Corinthians 7 save_alt
22/01/2012 Stop Thinking That You Could Glorify Christ If... Paul Oliver 1 Corinthians 7 save_alt
29/01/2012 Growing in the Grace & Knowledge of Our Lord... Paul Oliver 2 Peter 3:18 save_alt
29/01/2012 Our Shepherd Paul Oliver Psalm 23 save_alt
05/02/2012 "You Can't Beat Him, You Can't Fool Him, But You..." Paul Oliver Proverbs 16 save_alt
05/02/2012 God's Blessing Of Unity And Blessing On Unity Paul Oliver Psalm 133 save_alt
19/02/2012 Real Faith John Scott John 4:43-54 save_alt
19/02/2012 Growing In Christ John Scott John 5:1-16 save_alt
26/02/2012 The Barren Fig Tree Paul Oliver Luke 13:6-9 save_alt
04/03/2012 Conscience John Singleton Romans 2:1-16 save_alt
04/03/2012 Enoch Walked With God Trevor Steward Hebrews 11:5-6 save_alt
11/03/2012 Forgiveness Dan Owens Ephesians 4:32 save_alt
18/03/2012 I Am The Way Paul Oliver John 14:6 save_alt
25/03/2012 Out Into Freedom Paul Oliver Isaiah 49:1-13 save_alt
25/03/2012 Jesus Of The Scars Paul Oliver Isaiah 49:14-26 save_alt
01/04/2012 Growing in Grace for Dummies Chris Bennett 2 Peter1:3-11 save_alt
01/04/2012 Marriage Chris Bennett Ephesians 5:21-33 save_alt
08/04/2012 He Has Risen! Paul Oliver Luke 24:5 save_alt
15/04/2012 Be Filled With The Spirit Paul Oliver Ephesians 5:18 save_alt
22/04/2012 Out Of The Depths Paul Oliver Psalm 130 save_alt
29/04/2012 Dissatisfied Contentment Paul Oliver Psalm 17:13-15 save_alt
06/05/2012 Danger! Rupert Bentley-Taylor 1 Timothy 6:6-19 save_alt
06/05/2012 Growing Older Rupert Bentley-Taylor Luke 2:36-38 save_alt
13/05/2012 Wisdom and Folly Paul Oliver Proverbs 14:1-18 save_alt
20/05/2012 Peters' Denial Paul Oliver John 18:15-27 save_alt
20/05/2012 The Order Of Melchizedek Paul Oliver Psalm 110 save_alt
27/05/2012 The Order of Melchizedek Paul Oliver Hebrews 7-8:6 save_alt
27/05/2012 The Full Armour of God Dan Strivens Ephesians 6:10-20 save_alt
03/06/2012 Unavailable Paul Oliver save_alt
10/06/2012 The Book Of Life Paul Oliver Philippians 4:3 save_alt
17/06/2012 The Omniscience of God Paul Oliver Psalm 139 save_alt
24/06/2012 The Marriage Mission Andrew Hill Ephesians 5:22-33 save_alt
24/06/2012 Jacob - God's Promise Andrew Hill Genesis 28:10-22 save_alt
01/07/2012 We Want To See Jesus Paul Oliver John 12:20-24 save_alt
15/07/2012 The Message & Ministry of Reconciliation Dan Owens 1 Corinthians 5:11-21 save_alt
22/07/2012 Jesus Anointed By A Sinful Woman George Hawkins Luke 7:36-50 save_alt
29/07/2012 God's Generosity Paul Oliver Matthew 20:1-16 save_alt
29/07/2012 Jesus Changes Water Into Wine Paul Oliver John 2:1-12 save_alt
05/08/2012 What Does Jesus Desire? Steve Palmer John 17:24 save_alt
05/08/2012 When God Seems Far Off Steve Palmer Psalm 42-43 save_alt
12/08/2012 "Inner Commitment, Outward Involvement" Andrew Alsop Acts 2:42 save_alt
12/08/2012 Rededication Andrew Alsop Genesis 35:1-4 save_alt
19/08/2012 Something Better Trevor Steward Psalm 84 save_alt
19/08/2012 The Preeminence of Christ Dan Strivens Colossians 1 save_alt
02/09/2012 The Humility of Jesus Paul Oliver John 13:12-17 save_alt
09/09/2012 Doing the Doctrine Paul Oliver John 13:12-17 save_alt
23/09/2012 How God Rescues Lives Andy Ball Psalm 107 save_alt
30/09/2012 "No Power, No Future" Bill Dyer Acts 4:1-31 save_alt
30/09/2012 A Cry From the Heart Bill Dyer Acts 12 save_alt
14/10/2012 So Glorify God in Your Bodies Paul Oliver 1 Corinthians 6:19 save_alt
20/10/2012 Harvest Supper 2012 - An Interview with Stephen... Stephen James save_alt
21/10/2012 A Coming To Be Ready For! Stephen James Matthew 24:36-44 save_alt
21/10/2012 Thankfulness Paul Oliver Psalm 100 save_alt
28/10/2012 You Must Be Born Again Peter Milsom John 3 save_alt
28/10/2012 "Take Courage, It Is I" Peter Milsom Matthew 14:22-32 save_alt
04/11/2012 Destination: Glory Paul Oliver Philippians 3:20-21 save_alt
18/11/2012 The Son of God Paul Oliver Hebrews 1:1-3 save_alt
25/11/2012 The New Heavens & New Earth Dan Owens Revelation 21:1-22:11 save_alt
25/11/2012 The One Thing Trevor Steward Luke 10:38-42 save_alt
09/12/2012 True Repentance John Singleton 1 Samuel 15:1-34 save_alt
09/12/2012 Discipling Through Action Dan Strivens 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 save_alt
16/12/2012 Father Forgive Them Paul Oliver Luke 23:26-43 save_alt
23/12/2012 "Happy Christmas, War Is Over" Paul Oliver Isaiah 9:1-7 save_alt
23/12/2012 The Four Gifts Of The Wisemen Paul Oliver Matthew 2:1-12 save_alt
30/12/2012 Confrontation In The Garden Paul Oliver John 18:1-11 save_alt
30/12/2012 Thing About Such Things Mike Riddle Philippians 4:8-9 save_alt