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Sermon series - NCF 2010

Date Title Speaker Text(s) Listen Download
03/01/2010 Justification Mark Fisher Romans 3:9-31 save_alt
03/01/2010 Contentment Mark Fisher Philippians 4 save_alt
10/01/2010 Jesus Christ is Glorious Mike Riddle Hebrews 1:1-2:4 save_alt
17/01/2010 Repent or Perish Peter Seccombe Luke 12:54-13:9 save_alt
17/01/2010 The Day of the Lord Peter Seccombe 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11 save_alt
24/01/2010 The Woman Caught in Adultery Peter Milsom John 7:27-8:11 save_alt
24/01/2010 Pressing On Peter Milsom Philippians 3:14 save_alt
31/01/2010 A Greater High Priest Trevor Steward Hebrews 8 save_alt
31/01/2010 Paradise Lost & Restored Paul Oliver Psalm 8 save_alt
07/02/2010 Good News Stephen Clark 1 Corinthians 5:1-5
07/02/2010 Our Weakness & the Spirit's Help Stephen Clark Romans 8:26a
14/02/2010 God's Appointed Substitute John Roberts Genesis 22:1-19
14/02/2010 Satan's Sieve John Roberts Luke 22:34
21/02/2010 The King of Glory Tim Gamston Psalm 24
21/02/2010 God is For Us Tim Gamston Romans 8
28/02/2010 "Come, Listen, Seek & Turn" John Hall Isaiah 55:1-7
28/02/2010 Serving the Lord John Hall Romans 12:11
07/03/2010 By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them John Scott Luke 10:25-37
07/03/2010 If God is For Us Who Can Be Against Us? John Scott Genesis 39
14/03/2010 Jesus - The King Paul Gamston Mark 15:2
14/03/2010 Jesus' Triumph Paul Gamston Luke 19:38
21/03/2010 It's This Way John Pearse Mark 8:29-38
21/03/2010 Godly Leaders Fall John Pearse 2 Samuel 11:1-27
28/03/2010 The Most Powerful Preacher Andy Banton John 19:17-30
28/03/2010 Looking to God for Mercy Andy Banton Psalm 123
11/04/2010 Jesus in Gethsemane Peter Goodrich Matthew 26:37
11/04/2010 Jesus' Manifesto Peter Goodrich Matthews 5:13-16
18/04/2010 The Way of the Cross Steve Palmer Leviticus 16:1-17 save_alt
18/04/2010 In the Hands of Others John Singleton Acts 26:19-27:8 save_alt
25/04/2010 Jesus is the Christ Trevor Steward John 20 save_alt
25/04/2010 What We Should Be Trevor Steward Hebrews 10 save_alt
02/05/2010 The Man Who Buried Jesus Christ David Malam John 19:38
02/05/2010 The State of the Nation David Malam Hosea 14:1
09/05/2010 Remember Your Creator Basil Howlett Ecclesiastes 12:1 save_alt
09/05/2010 The Precious Blood of Jesus Basil Howlett 1 John 1:7b save_alt
16/05/2010 "Sin, Conviction, Curse, Compassion" Andrew Hill Genesis 3 save_alt
16/05/2010 Rejoice in the Lord Andrew Hill Philippians 4:4-7 save_alt
23/05/2010 The Parable of the Tenants Tim Curnow Luke 20:1-19 save_alt
23/05/2010 Useful Christians Tim Curnow Genesis 40-41 save_alt
04/07/2010 How Much is Life Worth? Bill Dyer 1 Peter 1:1-12 save_alt
04/07/2010 Discipleship - the Modern Challenge Bill Dyer Ephesians 4:1-16 save_alt
15/08/2010 Jesus the King of Life Peter Goodrich John 11:1-44 save_alt
15/08/2010 Humbled By the Gospel Peter Goodrich Luke 18:9-14 save_alt
22/08/2010 The Importance of Our Souls Bill Patterson Hosea 10:11-13 save_alt
22/08/2010 Jesus the Christ Bill Patterson Matthew 16:13-16 save_alt
29/08/2010 I Know the Plans I Have for You Hywel Roberts Jeremiah 29:11 save_alt
29/08/2010 "Not by Might, Nor by Power, But by my Spirit" Hywel Roberts Zechariah 4:6 save_alt
05/09/2010 The Seventy-Two and Their Message Paul Oliver Luke 10:17-20 save_alt
05/09/2010 The Christian's View of Life and Death Paul Oliver Philippians 1:21 save_alt
12/09/2010 Our Joy in Being Children of God Paul Oliver 1 John 3:1-3 save_alt
19/09/2010 Christ's Church - the things that are not Paul Oliver 1 Corinthians 1:26-31 save_alt
26/09/2010 Days of Reckoning David Matson Daniel 5 save_alt
26/09/2010 Not for Turning David Matson 1 Kings 11:1-10 save_alt
02/10/2010 Be Strong and Courageous John Hall Joshua 1:6 save_alt
03/10/2010 Our Unique God Paul Oliver Deuteronomy 33:26-29 save_alt
03/10/2010 Be Filled With The Spirit Paul Oliver Acts 4:31 save_alt
10/10/2010 Is Greed Good? Tim Curnow Luke 12:21 save_alt
11/10/2010 The Wedding of Heaven Tim Curnow Psalm 45 save_alt
24/10/2010 He Closed the Book Paul Oliver Luke 4:20 save_alt
01/11/2010 God is God: No Messing! Gary Benfold Joshua 24:19-20 save_alt
01/11/2010 The Christian's Enemy Gary Benfold Ephesians 6:11-12 save_alt
07/11/2010 Gentleness Paul Oliver Philippians 4:5 save_alt
14/11/2010 Greater Love Has No One Than This Paul Oliver John 15:13 save_alt
14/11/2010 We Will Not Fear Pete Goodrich Psalm 46 save_alt
21/11/2010 Baptism Paul Oliver Acts 8:26-40 save_alt
05/12/2010 The Life of John Mark Spencer Cunnah Acts 15:36-41 save_alt
05/12/2010 A Tale of Two Cities Spencer Cunnah Revelation 21:9-27 save_alt
12/12/2010 For To Us A Child Is Born Paul Oliver Isaiah 9:6 save_alt
12/12/2010 And He Will Be Called... Paul Oliver Isaiah 9:6-7 save_alt
19/12/2010 Good News Paul Oliver Luke 2:10 save_alt
19/12/2010 Joseph's Story Paul Oliver Matthew 1:18-25 save_alt
26/12/2010 Jesus' Early Life Mike Riddle Luke 2:22 save_alt
26/12/2010 No Room In The Inn Paul Oliver Luke 2:7 save_alt