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Sermon series - NCF 2004

Date Title Speaker Text(s) Listen Download
19/09/2004 Abraham (4): The Prosperity Test Andy Ball Genesis 13 save_alt
26/09/2004 Abraham (5): Faith Required to Rescue Lot Andy Ball Genesis 14 save_alt
03/10/2004 Abraham (6): Faith That Deals With Doubt Andy Ball Genesis 15 save_alt
31/10/2004 God's Word is Not Chained Andy Ball 2 Timothy 2:9 save_alt
31/10/2004 Abraham (7): Stumbling Faith - Abraham & Ishmael Andy Ball Genesis 16 save_alt
07/11/2004 Satan's schemes John Singleton 2 Corinthians 2:11 save_alt
07/11/2004 Jonathan Swingler save_alt
14/11/2004 The Day the Ruins Were Rebuilt Andy Ball Ezekiel 36 save_alt
14/11/2004 Abraham (8): God's Covenant Never Threatened By... Andy Ball Genesis 17 save_alt
21/11/2004 Andy Ball save_alt
21/11/2004 Evangelism Through Prayer George Hawkins save_alt
28/11/2004 Release for the Captives Andy Ball Isaiah 61 save_alt
28/11/2004 Abraham (9): Laying Hold of a Friend (Incomplete) Andy Ball Genesis 18 save_alt
05/12/2004 Comfort for the Mourners Andy Ball Isaiah 61:2-3 save_alt
05/12/2004 Abraham (10): God's Judgement Finally Revealed Andy Ball Genesis 19 save_alt
12/12/2004 Growing Oaks of Righteousness Andy Ball Isaiah 61:3 save_alt
12/12/2004 Abraham (11): Getting into Trouble Again Andy Ball Genesis 20 save_alt
19/12/2004 Andy Ball
19/12/2004 Andy Ball
26/12/2004 Oh Bethlehem Andy Ball Micah 5:2 save_alt
26/12/2004 The Uniqueness of the Son of God Andy Ball Hebrews 1 save_alt